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My name is Paul Matts. I am from Leicester, England. I decided to write a novel and it is to be published by New Generation Publishing shortly. It is called 'Toy Guitars' and is a family drama set in 1980.

Why did I do it? I felt I had a book in me and considered time was no longer on my side. So I knuckled down and did it. And loved doing it.

I have had short stories, flash fiction and articles  published in Punk Noir,  Razur Cuts and We Are Cult magazines, and also in the Unlawful Acts blog.

I enjoy writing and giving opinions on the punk and new wave movement of the 1970s onwards. I have a series of articles published entitled 'Significant Figures in Punk'.

My debut novella, 'Donny Jackal', a coming of age story set in England's punk rock suburbia during 1978, is now available in paperback and E-book. See my Amazon page below to purchase it or to get a free download. 


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