About me as a Writer



My name is Paul Matts. I am from Leicester, England. I decided to write a book in 2017. My first novel. I finished it in 2018. It is to be published by New Generation Publishing in 2019. For more information on NGP click.. hehttps://www.newgeneration-publishing.com/re.

Why did I do it? I felt I had a book in me and considered time was no longer on my side. So I knuckled down and did it.

And I loved doing it.

From here forth I resolve to make up for lost time. I have written short stories and have been featured in the online cultural magazine, Punk Noir, and in the Indie crime literature blog, Unlawful Acts. 

For more information on Punk Noir magazine click..https://punknoirmagazine.com/

Expect more stories. Flash fiction too. And another novel or two. Creative non-fiction.

Anything really...



Now I've completed stuff. A novel. Short stories. A non fiction book. Some of it is to be published. Some of it is already out there. Some are available as  free online ebooks. Bargain.

I'd like to know what you think. Good, bad, indifferent. All feedback is encouraged, and appreciated. 

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And my blog is a regular one. Not  strictly regular. But regular-ish.. With all sorts of content.

Anything really...


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Extracts from novels will be published. Short stories will appear periodically, together with updates. Same for non fiction books.

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Thank you. Looking forward to the future.