What they say....

'a cracking slice of kitchen-sink drama that is choc-full of realistic characters and has a strong sense of time and place.' - Paul D. Brazill, refering to 'Donny Jackal' in his 'Recommended Reads' feature in  Punk Noir Magazine.

'Nicely done'  - Paul D.Brazil. About my work of fiction  'Revenge can be sweet'. 

'Excellent!' - June Lorraine Roberts. Referring to 'Story in the Song - Lola by the Kinks'.

'Sparse prose used to great effect in this short story by Paul Matts.' - The Book Spine. About 'Family Guy?'

'Another fascinating read' - Jill Webb, 'Kindred Spirit' magazine. About Hilly Kristal 'Significant Figure' piece.

'Another visceral short from Paul Matts.' - The Book Spine, about 'Hollow Love'.

'an extremely welcome piece of punk history. Highlighting a sometimes forgotten punk legend.' - Derek Steel,  'Razur Cuts' magazine, on my Lora Logic 'Significant Figure' article.

'You should read this, it's terrific.' - Lee Stevens, 'The History of Punk', on my Hilly Kristal "Significant Figure' article.

'If you get chance don't miss Paul Matts summer crime tale over at Punk Noir. Includes some bloody good gardening tips!' - Jim Shaffer, about 'Spade, Rose and Blood'.